Tamtu Online is an advertisement service uniting buyers and sellers, customers and service providers in the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary and Austria. 

The terms of use govern the relationship between Tamtu Online (hereinafter the Website, the Company) and users of the service (hereinafter the Users). 

You can only use the service if you comply with these terms and conditions and the GDPR. 


About Tamtu Online

Tamtu Online is an electronic directory of advertisements for goods, services and other offers (collectively, "products") that Users post and search for on the Site in order to transact business.

Authorized users of the Site may post information about goods in the format of advertisements in the categories offered. The Company provides Users with the technical ability to search, view ads, as well as to correspond with their authors.

The Company is not a participant, transaction organizer, buyer, seller, employer, intermediary, agent, representative of any user, beneficiary or other interested person in relation to transactions between users. Users use the information posted on the Site to enter into transactions at their own risk without the direct or indirect participation or control of the Company.


Profile Registration and Deletion 

User registration on the Site is accomplished by entering a cell phone number or email address in the login form, or through a social media profile. After registration on the Site, the User's profile will be created.

The User has no right to transfer its login and password for logging in to the Site to third parties and is fully responsible for their safety. 

By registering and logging in to the Site each time, the User guarantees that he/she has all the rights necessary to enter into and perform the Terms. Deletion of the profile is made by contacting the support service of the Site. 


User Data

Users are obliged to provide for posting on the Site accurate and up-to-date information that does not violate the law or the rights of third parties. The Company reserves the right to request documents or information from Users for verification. Access to the User's profile may be restricted if such information is not provided. 

The Company undertakes not to disclose to third parties information about Users that is not publicly available, except as required by law. Nor will the Company be liable for any third-party misconduct in connection with your own publicly accessible information on the Site.


User Content

User Content refers to the text and images that Users post in advertisements, profiles, and reviews. The Company is not a distributor of User Content. User is the owner of all information posted on the Site. It is the User's responsibility to ensure that content is fully compliant with the law, Terms of Use, posting rules, profile requirements and reviews. The User guarantees that its content does not violate the rights of third parties to the results of intellectual activity.

The User grants the Company the right to use its content and the intellectual property included in it on a non-exclusive license: perpetually, without providing remuneration, in any way, for action all over the world, with or without naming the author. Content can be used for marketing purposes, in commercial and non-commercial projects, including on other Internet resources. 

The user also undertakes to place only ads for specific goods and services on the site. To promote business on the site is implemented the possibility of placing ads. 

It is prohibited to use website addresses, names and logos of legal entities, asterisks, exclamation marks and capital letters in User's advertisements. 


The following categories of goods and services are prohibited from posting on the Site: 
Network Marketing
Weight Loss
Plastic Surgery
Medical Services
Financial Services
Mortgage Services
Copying and distribution of licensed content, including e-books
Counterfeit goods
Erotic goods and services
Meat, fur and other products related to the killing of animals
Gaming services
Tobacco and alcohol, including vapes and e-cigarettes
Medications and supplements
Medical equipment and accessories
Licenses, Documents, Diplomas
Prepaid work
Work in the field of intimate services
Anti-radar and similar devices
Weapons, subject to licensing
Toxic and explosive substances


Products purchased solely for resale purposes are recommended for restricted listing. 

It is prohibited to place identical ads for the purpose of selling the same product.

It is forbidden to place ads in irrelevant 

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