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Francois (Frantisek) Kollar (1904 - 1979) - Locomotive 1 500 €

Francois (Frantisek) Kollar (1904 - 1979) - Locomotive

Created: 11 March
Francois (Frantisek) Kollar (1904 - 1979) Le chauffeur nettoie sa locomotive La France travaille (éditions des Horizons de France, Paris) original silver bromine photograph from the years 1931-1935, signed by the author in his own hand lower right (black ink), on the back the author's stamp, framed. The photograph is in very good condition, on the edges of the cardboard backing there are traces of aging of the cardboard. Francois (František) Kollar, 1904 - 1979 An almost forgotten Slovak artist who emigrated to France in his youth, where he became an important photographer of pan-European significance and became famous mainly for his reportage and advertising photographs.
Created: 11 March
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