LOW ENERGY WOODEN ROOM 3 bedroom house, usable area 74 m2 46 990 €

LOW ENERGY WOODEN ROOM 3 bedroom house, usable area 74 m2

Created: 16 October 2021
Price including energy: No 
Water supply:
Total area: 74 m2
Heating \ Energy certificate:
Living space: 74 m2
Property: Personal 
Type of house:
Number of rooms:
We will build your low-energy house with all permits. We will arrange a building permit for you, build a foundation slab and implement a closed rough construction - walls with insulation, roof, windows, entrance doors, lightning conductors, gutters, electrical and plumbing, heating and hot water. We will prepare your house for moving in. We will complete the rough construction so that you move into your new wooden house with a finished bathroom and toilet, floors, doors and interior lighting. The family house is a bungalow type and has a simple and practical housing solution. It is necessary to own land for construction. The construction will be completed in the time horizon of 3 - 6 months. It is possible to opt for three price variants, as well as incorporate your own proposals: 1. VARIANT - € 46,990 - Closed rough construction, walls, roof, lightning conductor, downpipes, windows, entrance doors. Insulated facade, plumbing with hot water heating, electric heating, electrical installation with switchboard. 2. VARIANT - 54 990 + bathroom and toilet, interior doors and floors, lighting 3 VARIANT - 67 990 + basics of engineering network, building permit equipment. The price also includes a free offer of financing through a loan. More information can be found here: [b] https://montovane-drevodomy.webnode.sk/ [/ b] Or on the website of the real estate agency, on tel. real estate broker number: 0907233224
Created: 16 October 2021
Mgr. Martin Jánošov

46 990 €
Mgr. Martin Jánošov
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