KROVINY 2022 155 000 €


Created: 15 October 2021
Price including energy: No 
Water supply:
Type of house:
The offer of new bungalows, terraced buildings, apartment buildings, all this already appears near Zittau in the Golden Moravian region. Every home has its advantages as well as disadvantages. We can have several hours of discussions about which type of housing is best. Today's applicant has different demands than his predecessor from ten or twenty years ago. The offer on the market is diverse. Anyone interested can find their own. Classic squares with a twenty-plot plot of land, five-room bungalows with a six-story plot of land or apartments with large terraces The whole consists of five two-storey three-story houses with separate entrances. They are designed to suit a family of four / five. On the first floor there is an entrance to the living unit, it will have six square meters, it serves as an entrance to the living area, but also the technical room. The open living area consists of a kitchen, dining room and living room, their common area is thirty-two square meters. There is also a toilet, hallway and staircase that connects the second floor. The bedroom will have an area of ​​fourteen square meters, a children's room eleven square meters, a second children's room thirteen square meters, with a wardrobe two square meters. The bathroom connected to the toilet has a size of four square meters.
Created: 15 October 2021
ByDoS Reality

155 000 €
ByDoS Reality
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