Osvaldova, 917 01 Trnava - multi-generation house with indoor pool 649 900 €

Osvaldova, 917 01 Trnava - multi-generation house with indoor pool

Created: 13 October 2021
Price including energy: No 
House area: 1000 m2
Water supply:
Living space: 934 m2
Property: Personal 
Type of house:
Terrain: Flat 
Year of construction: 2005 
In terms of size and mass, this beautiful family house is one of the best built offers you can find on the market. From the street, the face is inconspicuous, but the experienced eye will not miss the investment perspective and the benefits, which he will subtly and confidently show immediately after entering. In the category of multi-generational housing resp. business-related housing is a clearly unrivaled property. Do not miss the richly represented list, Property equipment below. It can be clearly divided into two almost separate family houses or 4 full-fledged housing units, which do not lack enough parking and a garage. In the 1st barrier-free wing of the property there are 2 bedrooms, a large study, a large living room with a kitchen, a separate bathroom, a large shower and a large striking covered pool. Throughout this part, there are exits to the terrace in the large garden. It is connected to the multi-storey wing by a large living room lined with wood, which is dominated by a functional fireplace and terrace. Wandering around the house, you discover one romantic view after another. The semi-recessed basement of this wing directly asked you to create a shelter / clubhouse, where you will go to recharge your batteries not only with exercise. The floor plan of the room is copied towards the attic. The staircase leads you to the apartment unit on the 1st floor, a fully furnished 3-room apartment with a separate bathroom, a kitchen with a pantry and a number of wardrobes. With the same layout but with a different design language, the living space above it is also laid out. Both have a balcony or. terrace overlooking the garden and the west. Dispositionally, it is possible to preserve housing units or integrate the premises into a comprehensive concept of a single family house. The future owner will gain enormous freedom in what the property will look like and for what purpose he will let the large usable area stand out. The open spaces in the attic are also roughly developed. The garden is designed as a space for rest, recreation and casual fruitful meetings. It ends with a garden house with a covered terrace, kitchen and a small fitness corner.
Created: 13 October 2021
Milan Nižňanský

649 900 €
Milan Nižňanský
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