JESÉNIOVA, 831 01 BRATISLAVA - KOLIBA - 8 rooms, swimming pool, 7x parking, closed street 1 450 000 €

JESÉNIOVA, 831 01 BRATISLAVA - KOLIBA - 8 rooms, swimming pool, 7x parking, closed street

Created: 13 October 2021
Price including energy: No 
House area: 1100 m2
Water supply:
Living space: 492 m2
Property: Personal 
Type of house:
We are especially proud of this exclusive offer. In this family house you can really see the huge mass and value, and that is why it can not be called just a family house but a residence. This mansion is ideal for large families in which temperament and success are inherited. Each member has plenty of living space. In the night part there are four large bedrooms upstairs with balconies and high ceilings, which is dominated by the master bedroom with its own facilities and wardrobe. From each you will enjoy a wonderful view of the panorama of the capital, which is only available to Koliba. The whole interior has been gradually modernized. The night part is connected to the night part by an elegant spiral illuminated staircase with a skylight, a gallery and a hall with a number of relaxation and reading corners. Believe us, there is always something to discover. The living area is dominated by a large loft living room and, as a proper social and meeting space, it needs to be equipped with a dining table, social seating, a large-screen TV and, above all, a fireplace from the prestigious FOCUS brand and a billiard corner. The best family dinner attracts the whole family from the rooms, so every good housekeeper (but also a housekeeper) will appreciate the new and modern kitchen with complete equipment. You can also serve on the terrace, but we all know that it is preferentially reserved for a barbecue party and a glass of ice (among other things). With a little right attention, your garden will be as lush as its owner. The lower part of the garden is ideal for locating the pool and is intimate and cozy. From the back of the house is a large garden with parking for 4 cars. You can place two cars in the garage, four outside and one in front of the gate from the street. In the basement below the living area you will find everything else belongs to the background, but above all its own fitness center with sauna and relaxation area, shower and ubiquitous well-being. With your neighbors, you share not only taste and social status, but also a closed street. However, enjoy privacy at the same time thanks to the refined architecture of the house and garden. The location is already quite catchy and quiet. Technical details can be found in the description below, but many of them are a matter of course and should underline the wonderful impression of this great five-hundred-meter mansion. We recommend that you take a look at the photo gallery once again, as this property impresses from the main entrance and does not slow down during the entire tour. See you on Jeséniová. REAL ESTATE EQUIPMENT 8 rooms Swimming pool partially furnished electric irrigation Garage grill one way street Air conditioning Hut Fireplace flashy architecture parking space underfloor heating prestigious address Sauna private street Terrace quiet street public parking outdoor parking all utilities city view garden
Created: 13 October 2021
Milan Nižňanský

1 450 000 €
Milan Nižňanský
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