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Listing removed from published 24 May
Metal fittings // Blocks 1 €

Metal fittings // Blocks

Created: 24 February
Condition: New 
Brand: Select 
Metal fittings // Blocks\nBlock 054\nBlock 054\nBlock 054 TP\nBlock 054 TP\nBlock 054 TE\nBlock 054 TE\nBlock 054A\nBlock 054A\nBlock 052\nBlock 052\nBlock 052 TE\nBlock 052 TE\nBlock 051 \nBlock 051\nBlock 051 TP\nBlock 051 TP\nBlock 051 TE\nBlock 051 TE\nBlock 051A\nBlock 051A\nBlock 060 PR\nBlock 060 PR\nBlock 050\nBlock 050\n\nAll information and product characteristics are presented new on site are intended for reference purposes only and cannot fully convey information about the properties and characteristics of the Product. Published prices are for reference purposes and may be changed by the Seller unilaterally without notice to the Buyer. The final terms of purchase are subject to clarification with official representatives of the Seller.
Created: 24 February
Was online 19 april 08:39
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