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Rear Stopper Type: 11-107 600 €

Rear Stopper Type: 11-107

Created: 16 March
Rear stopper Type: 11-107\nTechnical characteristics\nStopper length 950 mm\nStopper width 244 mm\nStopper weight 88 kg\nPulling or pushing force 110 kN\nMoving speed max. 70 m/h. Rail profile 155, 140E, 140V Track inclination max. 27°\nThe rear stopper type 11-107 is intended for installation at the end of a transport system moving along\nguides of monorail tracks laid in non-methane and methane mine faces, as a braking device.\nThe stopper is intended for installation in the transport system of an energy train driven set in motion by a self-braking transport device type\n\n11-101-105. It can be connected directly or in a transport system\nwith another drive approved for use in mines.\nThe described product has:\ncertificate of conformity (TP TC 012/2011) - EAEU RU-C-PL.HA 65.B.00389/ 19\ndeclaration of conformity (TP TC 010/2011) – EAEU N RU-D-PL.HA 65.B.00389/19\nTel./WhatsApp: +(48)733-275-085\nCARBOMECH Sp. z o.o.\nMarketing Department\nSvyatoslav Makeev\nPersonal email:\\nCorporate email:\
Created: 16 March
Святослав Макеев Тел.48-733-275-085
Was online 10 may 04:05
600 € Negotiable
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Святослав Макеев Тел.48-733-275-085
Was online 10 may 04:05
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