For sale a lucrative commercial land in the city of Nitra. 808 140 €

For sale a lucrative commercial land in the city of Nitra.

Created: 21 April 2022
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Real estate broker Peter Madleňák offers You exclusive only for me to sell a commercial building land in the city of Nitra with a very wide opportunity to use. Located in the sought after location of commercial zones, where they reside in large stores such as Metro, Sconto, Honda, Peugeot, Suzuki, Store TAG etc.. It is located in the vicinity of the industrial park North, further West Park Nitra, of the race of Jaguar Land Rover, commercial centers HORNBACH and the future of the neighbourhood. Land area is 13.469m2 with very good accessibility to the city and on the highway R1. It is slightly sloping, there are utilities like gas, water, electricity. The expression of the functional use of the parcel 9239, 9238.u. Kynek and in to.u. Mlynárce. The town hall in Nitra, Department of the main architect, Department of urbanism and architecture gives to the above field areas the following statement: According to the Land use plan of the city of Chicago UPN approved by City council in Nitra, by resolution no. 16903-the MINISTRY of health of the date 22.05.2003, as amended, amendments and supplements no. 16 and a Generally binding regulation VZN the city of Chicago no 32003 of the day 22.05.2003, declaring the binding part of the Land use plan of the city of Nitra in the wording of later amendments no. 1 - 6 is part of parcel no. 9239 located at the site of the functionally determined for the amenities and a portion of the parcel located at the site of the functionally determined for the transport transit nadmestský. The parcel is affected by the proposed verejnoprospešnou building-VPS no 1.27-Rebuilding mimoúrovňovej junction Kynek. (In annex I attach the opinion of the NDS and.p., that is not required to hold the territorial reserve, and the application is submitted to the City of Nitra, that was the reserve been dropped from the new Land use plan of Chicago, whose preparation is in progress) Plot no. 9238 and 328198 are located at the site of the functionally determined for the amenities of. From the point of view of the spatial arrangement is for the function of the equipment determined the development of uličná free from 1-NP to 4-NP with a coefficient of built-up kz-0,6 including paved areas and sidewalks. Functional areas of greenery to solve the nezastavaných plots of building land. This area must ensure the coverage of trees in the minimum proportion of 60%. The function of the equipment means that the defined areas are the areas intended primarily for the functions and facilities of the base, and the higher the amenity of the whole width of druhovostnej track equipment trade, service, administration, temporary accommodation, education, health care, social care, culture and sports. On defined surfaces have such a device, the major and the prevailing feature - they should be in the prevailing proportion to surface area and volume of buildings. This does not exclude, however, on these surfaces and the location of the complementary function and the housing, facilities of the static transport and technical equipment, if these support the prevailing function, adversely affect the prevailing function, and they are not themselves the workings of a prevailing features negatively influenced by the. On defined areas of the amenities, it is permissible to existing construction family home converted to modify the form of the rebuild of the superstructure, and extension. On the specified pl
Created: 21 April 2022
Peter Madleňák

808 140 €
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