Building land - Koliba, Bellova street 438 000 €

Building land - Koliba, Bellova street

Created: 4 February 2022
Price including energy: No 
Electricity: Select 
Water supply:
Terrain: Select 
Property: Business 
As property owners, we offer land for sale - for the construction of a family or smaller apartment building on Bellova Street in the Koliba - Bratislava-Nové Mesto area. Area: land 876m2. Price 500 € m2 including VAT. An access road leads to the land, but access as such is not legally resolved. UPI: code 102 had a storey development of a residential area - the predominant use: various forms of development of family houses - admissible: apartment buildings up to 4 floors
Created: 4 February 2022
Michal Zubaľ

438 000 €
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Michal Zubaľ
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