FOR SALE forest land, c.ú. Borský Svátý Jur 8 700 €

FOR SALE forest land, c.ú. Borský Svátý Jur

Created: 28 October 2022
Price including energy: No 
Electricity: Select 
Water supply:
Terrain: Flat 
Property: Personal 
We exclusively offer for sale a forest plot of 1350 m2 in the cadastre of Borský Svätý Jur. The land is located outside the built-up area of ​​the village, the shape of an irregular rectangle. It is registered on the title deed as a plot of register C – forest land. Access is via a paved dirt road belonging to the village. Method of land use: Land with forest cover, temporarily without forest cover for the purpose of reforestation or after accidental logging. The dimensions are approx. 15 m wide and approx. 134 m long. Co-ownership share 2740, i.e. 1350m2. MUST SEE In the case of cooperation with AMOS reality s.r.o.: - you are exempt from fees associated with the sale of real estate, - we finance: legal service - processing of a contract on a future contract, a purchase contract, a proposal for a deposit in the cadastre, fees for an extract from the title deed and basic administrative a fee for a proposal for a deposit in the real estate cadastre, - we offer the services of a SENIOR mortgage specialist free of charge, who will present you with at least three offers for financing through the bank and ensure that you negotiate the best terms with the bank, - we will ensure the selection of a forensic expert as well as a surveyor from our team, - we will check the state of the property from a legal point of view and, if necessary, we will resolve the legal status of the property, - if it is necessary to sell your property, we will provide you with free advice, - we will provide the services of an interior and exterior architect, - we will resolve a complete legal, real estate and financial service for you carefree, convenient and safely with a guarantee of high expertise and discreetly sti.
Created: 28 October 2022
Lucia Blažeková

8 700 €
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Lucia Blažeková
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