Commercial premises - rent Námestie Banská Bystrica 175 €

Commercial premises - rent Námestie Banská Bystrica

Created: 13 October 2021
Price including energy: No 
Electricity: Select 
Water supply:
Commercial space from 28 to 76 m2 there are shared bathrooms and kitchen. The premises are located in the passage of a historic building on the square in Banská Bystrica. 1 / commercial space No.1 and No.2 - 76.5 m² consists of two rooms (20.5 + 56 m²), two entrances (to each room separately) windows are in the passage, possible connection to the water, in the space is a separate toilet 2 / commercial space No. 4 and No. 5 - 70.8 m2 consists of one room, two entrances and windows are into the passage, the possibility of redistribution into 2 smaller spaces (34.5 + 36.3 m2), possible water connection 3 / commercial space no.7 - 28 m² room with entrance from the passage and windows with water connection Access road: Street Horná Strieborná. Supply is also possible via Námestie SNP without permission from 3:00 am to 9:00 am within the valid VZN of the City of Banská Bystrica. Parking: Rental of parking spaces 75 € / m2 / year without VAT / calendar year + security for a chip card to the access ramp .... the number of spaces is limited. Price: 100, - € / m2 without VAT / calendar year Start-up curve of rent for 3 massages. Real estate broker Jaroslav Badinka 0911 552424
Created: 13 October 2021
Jaroslav Badinka

175 €
Jaroslav Badinka
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